Hey guys. How's it going? It's been a while so I figured that I would give an update on the current happenings of my life. I've become way more involved in the community so my life has gotten busier.

This week has been pretty busy for me. It seems like there was something going on each day, on top of the office and farm work that I have going on. There was music class on Monday, worship band rehearsal on Tuesday, praise and worship night on Wednesday, and morning gathering (daily moment of sharing, almost like a presentation but not really) on Thursday, and then fishing on Friday. When I got to Saturday, I was completely exhausted, but pretty pleased with myself about how much I had been able to do this week. With how much we have going on here at ARI, it's really easy for time to just fly by. Actually, come May 15th, I will have been here for 6 months! Which is really crazy for me, because it feels like November 14th was just yesterday. Many things have changed since …

November in a Nutshell

Hey guys! It's been a while. I've been in Japan for more than 4 months now (crazy, right?) and so much has happened. Like a lot of things. So I'm going to catch you up with what has been going on with me for the past few months. I'll start with November, because I didn't really talk much about what has happened since then. I'm going to make a post for each month I've been here, so the posts aren't too long. But I'm sorry in advance if they are a little lengthy.


November was a pretty eventful month for me, as I started getting used to life at the Asian Rural Institute. In my first few weeks here, I started finding my place in the community. One way is by branching out. So here at ARI, they have a choir called MINNGOS, and it's made up of staff members, participants, volunteers, and members of the local community. They have practice every Tuesday and since music is one of my passions, I decided to try it out, even though I can't reall…

So it's been a month.

So, It's been a while since my first post. Almost a month exactly. It's actually pretty crazy to me that I've been here in Japan for only a month. It honestly feels longer than that. Regardless, this month has been very eventful.

In my last post, I didn't really explain much about my placement, or what I'm doing here in Japan. So I'll be glad to enlighten you.

During my year here, I'm going to be volunteering at the Asian Rural Institute in Tochigi, Japan. In a nutshell, the ARI is a vocational school that trains grassroots leaders from rural communities on sustainable farming, servant leadership, and community development. The overall goal is for the grassroots leaders to become more effective in the work that they do in their communities Each year, about 30 participants from countries in Asia and Africa are invited to participate in the 9 month program, which starts in April and ends in December. The training here is community-based, so we (the participan…

First week thoughts

So, I've been attempting to write this post for the past two days (It's Tuesday here in Japan). It hasn't really been the easiest thing in all honesty. But I'll try to explain it the best I can. My time in Japan so far has been pretty interesting. The Asian Rural Institute is a pretty busy place, and it's been awesome to be a part of it so far. I've only been here a week, and in that time a lot has happened.

First off, to everyone that has heard about the recent earthquake here in Japan, I want you to know that I'm okay. The earthquake happened off of the coast of Fukushima. I'm is located in Tochigi prefecture, which is directly south of Fukushima, but further inland. So in terms of the tsunami, there is nothing to worry about in my case. As for the earthquake, there wasn't really any damage here at the ARI. If anything, the earthquake was a really startling alarm clock. But again, thank you for your messages and prayers. It means the world to me.